Flood Christmas Concert

The Flood Church hosts an amazing Christmas concert every year. It was so great and made me feel like I was worshiping to Christmas sings :) There was also a Christmas Shoppe to buy gifts that serve the local and global church community. I love our new church :)

Balboa December Nights

We had a great time at the Balboa Park December Nights! There was tons of international food, beautiful lights and a Christmas concert with real Christmas songs performed by a church choir! .... I think San Diego likes Christmas more than San Francisco..... Which is probably not surprising ;)

My Bible Study

I have had the privilege to study the book of James with these amazing women over the past few months. So blessed to have gotten to know them :) 

Christmas tree!!

Chris doesn't think real Christmas trees are necessary, especially since we aren't here for actual Christmas, but luckily I talked him into it for another year ;) it's a short one this year, but still perfect :)