Day 1&2 of Class

ok so yesterday was my first day of class. I was super excited and nervous, but did all my pre-reading and was ready to go :)  I was able to finish off day #1 well with a nice visit to the YMCA :)  (then of course 4 hours of studying)

Day #2--(today) started with 7 AM lab!! we practiced our interview skills and taking the Health History of our fellow classmates. Next week will be more exciting because we will get to do more physical activities. We got out early so I was able to do a little study-sesh at Starbucks :)  Then finished it off with my professor playing ice-breakers with us and showing us clips from Pearl Harbor to talk about the role of nurses :)

Then of course got out of class early and went swimming :)

Wish me luck because this thursday we are practicing the sponge baths on each other! (in swim suits). 


*Side note* I will be posting all cute-local coffee shops I visit and ranking them according to how they compare to Papillon... if you are from SD and have any suggestions... let me know :)


Ok here is what it looks like in the classroom, not too exciting, I will try to get a picture of the simulation lab later :). Updates on my first two days of class later tonight.

Orientation Day 2:

Well today was the second day of orientation. Much less daunting than the first. We found out today that the schedule was wrong! That we only alternate the all-day (7-7) day in clinical and skills lab... yeah!! a whole afternoon back!! AND I get Wednesday morning back because we alternate lab groups for that too :)   So i will use that time to study, but at least my weekends are semi-back!!

Today we just talked to professors and did a bunch of Tech stuff. Getting our computers set up, learning the APU website stuff...not too exciting. 

So now I am going to have fun on my last weekend of freedom before this semester!! (and probably start my reading)

Orientation Day 1:

So today was orientation. There are about 20 people in my cohort, with only one guy :)  We did introductions, some games and learned more about the program. I didn't realize how Christian the program would be. We prayed, and did a devotional before lunch, which I thought was great! 


Im officially doing my clinical rotation at Scripps Memorial Hospital!! So excited :) I start that in June and go in twice a week.  After all the fun stuff though we had to make our weekly schedules. Basically I will have no life for a year. I start class at 7 AM and get home sometime between 5-8PM. We are expected to study at least 30 hours a week and only really "allowed" four hours of fun time a WEEK. So this is a huge adjustment for me. We sit in the same classroom all day and only get one hour for lunch :(

BUT I joined the Mission Valley YMCA and will go swim tomorrow after day two of orientation. :)   

So wish me luck with this crazy schedule.... living with Chris's mom though has been great so far!! and i am staying in Chris's old room :)