Balboa Park

On Saturday we took Nat and Justin to the newly opened Donut Bar and took the donuts to Balboa Park. We enjoyed a beautiful morning in the park :) afterwards we took them to Coronado for lunch and then Old Town for the root beer. Great and long day!

Let Me Love You

This is a quote from the book Nice Girls Don't Change the World  that was used at our women's retreat this past weekend. 

"So come, let me love you. Let me love that part of you that believes you are valuable only while you are serving others. You are valuable for just who you are. You don't have to keep running. You don't have to prove your worth through frantic action. Let me love that part of you that is weary and needs rest. Listen, listen as I tell you to drop your burdens right now, and rest like a child in the presence of a loving Father." 

Really soaking up this quote right now after continued nursing job application rejections ;) 

Flood Women's Retreat

Today was the women's retreat for my church. It was held at Point Loma University overlooking the ocean. Our speaker addressed soaking in God's love and how to be silent with God. It was a great time for reflection, community, and time with God. We also had time for art reflection, so I made this mini painting :)


Nice Sunday night with homemade steak dinner and making sure The Bible on the History channel is accurate :)


Been feeling really grateful for our friends down here :) just a few pics of us and friends recently hanging out