I'm back

I haven't blogged in forever because the website I used to use went down and I had to switch. But since my Mom, Natalie, and Danny are the only ones who read this.... I figured it was ok :) I'll do catch-up posts over the next few days. 

NYC day 2

On our second day in NYC, we went to Greenwich Village and Chelsea. We visited the building from FRIENDS :) then walked all over. Had lunch from the Chelsea Market, walked the Highline, and enjoyed delicious treats all along the way :) then we rested, and headed out to Hell's Kitchen for Thai food with our friend from college Ben. Great day!!

NYC 2013

I have lots of pics to post from our amazing trip to the East Coast. The first night we got in late and headed out for midnight pizza in Times Square. So fun :) our hotel was ok, kind of old but they had a library with free coffee/tea served 24/7 and fresh cookies every afternoon :)


Happy Birthday Sarah-Jane!!! We had so much fun out with friends, then ended the night with hot tub and dessert :) my friend Cele and I accidentally wore opposite color scheme outfits